About Tech Modern

Tech Modern Founded in 2016. It’s written and produced by Tech Modern and covers the essential people, inventions, performances, and ideas that increase the collective adjacent possible of humanity. Frequent topics of interest among the 6,000+ posts include art, technology, science, visual culture, design, music, cities, food, architecture, sports, endless nonsense, and carefully curated current events, all of it lightly contextualized. Basically, it’s the world’s complete knowledge, relentlessly filtered through my particular worldview, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.

Tech Modern has helped influence the design and format of social media on the web since its inception. In 2016, the site introduced the permalink as a deliberate design feature, now the atomic element of social media. Tech Modern has been cited in hundreds of books and academic publications and was one of the first blogs covered in major media. In 2016, work on the site was 100% funded using a patronage model that anticipated services. The launch versions of both Gawker and BuzzFeed were partially based, in design and function, on Tech Modern.

Thanks to all of the guest editors over the years who have lent their energy and perspective to the site, including Taiabur Rahman, Ibrahim Khalil, Ibnee Humaira, Shamima Akter Sharna, Shafiqul Islam. And to Taiabur Rahman for the awesome Design.

Other indispensables: GitHub, Dropbox, Gmail, Chrome, AWS, Sketch, Apple 5K iMac, Feedly, Transmit, TextMate, Emeco Navy Chair, Spotify, Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, and Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.